Football: Coaching staff taking a taste of LaGrange College Football to Panama

Football: Coaching staff taking a taste of LaGrange College Football to Panama

The game of football may now be one of the most watched sports in the United States!  Fans young and old all have their favorite high school, college, and NFL teams. The sport is gaining popularity in other countries as well. 

In January of this year, LaGrange College coach Matt Mumme and his coaching staff were contacted by the Kiwanis Club of Panama City, Panama to travel down to one of their largest schools and hold a camp for all the young men at the school. The school where the camp will be held is Academia Interamericana de Panama which is located in Panama City. The football staff will have the opportunity to coach around 250 kids for a three-day period beginning Thursday, March 31 and ending Saturday, April 2.

"This is a great honor for us as a staff and a school that we would be asked to come down there and introduce to their kids our style of play!" said Mumme. "One of the best things coaches can do these days is to introduce the fundamentals of the game to young kids and give them the opportunity to get excited about learning this great sport"

The school has a football team in place that competes against other countries. Coach Mumme and his coaching staff are being asked by the school to help make their athletes more competitive and establish techniques and drills used on the college level back in the United States.  There will be a wide range of ages attending the camp from middle school up to high school. 

"We are really excited about coaching all of these young men up. Who knows maybe we will even find some diamonds in the rough and bring an international student or two back to LaGrange College," Mumme noted. "In our sport you don't see a lot of international kids being recruited, so we would definitely be open to looking at a few of these guys."

Mumme and the coaching staff will fly from Orlando, Fla. to Panama City, Panama on March 30. On arrival, there will be a press conference for Mumme and the coaches, followed by introductions to some of the leading local officials and meeting many of the parents of the campers.

"This is such a unique experience that we will get to partake in!" Mumme added.  "The excitement is not just from us having the chance to teach them but for them to show us their great country"