New beach volleyball venue architect rendering revealed

New beach volleyball venue architect rendering revealed

Renderings of the college's new beach volleyball venue have been revealed. Construction is set to begin in June with completion scheduled by the end of July.

The beach volleyball venue will have three courts, making it larger than some of the schools LC will be competing against. It will be located by the Nick Allen Pavilion on the school's south campus.

The inaugural season for the Panthers' Division III beach volleyball team will be in spring 2020. Present volleyball coach Madison Machurek also will head up the beach volleyball team. She plans to schedule a possible 20 matches for the first season. 

The NCAA reports beach volleyball has made the fastest transition from an emerging sport to a championship sport in NCAA history. It is also the fastest growing NCAA sport in Division I over the last five years. Since its inaugural year in 2012, the growth in beach volleyball programs has exceeded 150 percent.

Prospective players can complete this interest questionnaire. For more information, contact coach Machurek at