Panther Club


Panther Club Contributions

Since its inception in 2010, the Panther Club has raised $300,000 for student athletes!
  • New basketball scoreboards
  • Basketball shooting machine
  • Basketball championship rings
  • Baseball championship rings
  • Golf championship rings
  • Remodeled basketball locker rooms
  • Player benches for the soccer/lacrosse field
  • Warm-up suits for all student-athletes
  • Lane lines and flags for the natatorium's indoor swimming pool
  • Charter bus to an away football game
  • Softball uniforms
  • Tennis court resurfacing
  • Heavy-duty commercial grade rhino max pop-up tent to treat student-athletes
  • Website:
  • Contributed to the Online Streaming efforts of our Athletic Teams

Whether you are a proud parent of a LaGrange College student-athlete or a LaGrange College Panther alumnus yourself, you’ll be glad to know that you can be a part of a vibrant organization for fans to support their favorite teams.

Known as the Panther Club, the group strives to raise the profile of the athletic program and the institution.  The Panther Club began only two years ago, and its members are highly energized by how their collective efforts have been able to tangibly support several of LaGrange College 16 intercollegiate teams, which compete in NCAA Division III.

“Our athletes are fueled by the support of parents, students, alums—anyone who has an interest in helping them compete and succeed,” said Athletic Director Jennifer Claybrook. “More than one third of LaGrange students are part of a Panther team, and as a former student-athlete of LaGrange College, I can’t think of a better opportunity to support athletics than through the Panther Club.”

All funds the Panther Club raise go directly to support student-athletes. In its short existence, the club has helped provide charter buses for fans to an away football game and also funded a new website specifically for LaGrange College athletics (

The Panther Club has purchased new benches for the soccer/lacrosse field, provided new lane lines and flags in the indoor swimming pool at the natatorium, provided new softball uniforms, and donated significant funding to resurface the tennis courts. In addition, the club has provided the funding for the purchase of championship rings for the baseball, basketball, and golf teams.

The club’s also helps to provide the streaming of games on the Panthers' website.

To learn more about the Panther Club, contact Panther Club Coordinator Jim Claybrook.

Jim Claybrook
Office 706-880-8459
Cell 706-333-8268